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How to use glass beads to make door curtains

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
People who have watched the TV series 'Yilian Youmeng' will have a deep memory of the bead curtain inside. Do you want to have such a bead curtain yourself? You can make the curtain of your own. The materials needed to make the bead curtain include glass beads, wooden slats, 2.5cm (1 inch) thick, electric drill, stapler, staples, unwaxed strong cord, screwdriver, and copper screws. Its production steps are: 1. Before making curtains, choose the material, color, size and shape of the beads (a tablecloth on the work table can prevent the beads from rolling on the table). The string for the beads must be unwaxed to ensure that the beads are strong. 2. Measure the inner diameter of the door frame, and find a wooden slat for the door curtain frame accordingly. Marking on the wooden slats, perforating, wearing bead curtains, and the spacing of the holes should be determined according to the size of the beads and the density of the beads. Drill shallow holes in the wooden board, and use a stapler to punch the staples on the shallow holes so that the staples are fixed on the surface of each hole. 3. Cut the cord, the length is twice the length of the door and window plus 5cm (2 inches). Pass the string through the center of the first bead, wrap one end of the string around the bead and tie a knot at the eyelet of the bead. 4. Thread a needle on the other end of the thread through the first bead according to the picture, and start to thread the other beads. When wearing, you can put on the beads in the order of your own design, leaving a distance of 5cm (2 inches) at the end of the string, and the first bead string is ready. When making other bead strings, count the number of beads on each string. Each string must ensure the same number of beads and the same length. 5. Tie the beads. Pass the end of the beaded string through the staples on the wooden slat hole and tie a dead knot. Adjust the length before tying the knot. The first bead should hang just below the wooden slat. After tying the remaining beads, place the wooden slats facing the house and fasten them to the door frame with screws.
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