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Introduction of four product characteristics of shot peened glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
Introduction to the four product characteristics of shot peened glass beads 2019-04-12 1. Both soft and hard-made of high-quality materials, that is, it has a certain mechanical strength, the sio2 content is greater than or equal to 68%, and the hardness can reach 6-7 Mohs. It is also flexible enough to be used repeatedly for several times, and it is not easy to break. The sprayed parts have the same effect, and the service life of glassbeads is more than 3 times longer than ordinary glass beads. 2. Good uniformity-the rounding rate is greater than or equal to 80%, and the particle size is uniform. After spraying, the brightness coefficient of the sandblasting device is kept uniform, and it is not easy to leave watermarks. 3. Irreplaceable—As a kind of abrasive material, shot peened glass beads have the following advantages over any other abrasive materials: Except for metal abrasive materials, they can last longer than any other media. They are made of non-alkaline soda lime glass materials. Good chemical stability, will not pollute the processed metal, can speed up cleaning, while maintaining the processing accuracy of the original object 4. Smooth and free of impurities-the appearance is spherical particles, no impurities; smooth surface, with good finish, reaching international and domestic Standard level.
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