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Introduction of reflective glass beads for road use

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
Introduction to Road Reflective Glass Beads 2019-04-12 Road Road Reflective Glass Beads are a kind of fine glass beads that are made of glass sand (waste glass) after being melted at high temperature. They are spherical when observed under a microscope. It is colorless and transparent. The refractive index is between 1.50-1.64, and the diameter is generally between 75 microns and 1400 microns. So it is also called reflective glass beads. At present, the primary technology for producing reflective glass beads on the road in China is the flame float method and the electrothermal melting method. As the reflective material in the road marking (paint), road reflective glass beads can improve the retroreflective function of the road marking paint and advance the safety of driving at night, which has been given by the transportation departments of various countries. When the car travels at night, the car lights shine on the road symbol line with glass beads, which can make the light of the car lights reflect back in parallel, so that the driver can see the direction of the trek clearly and advance the safety of driving at night. Now, reflective glass beads have previously become an irreplaceable reflective material in road safety products. Reflective glass beads for roads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot-melt road marking coatings. One is used as a pre-mixed material to ensure that the markings are reflective for a long time within the life span; the other is used on the surface of the marking construction. Spreading can play an instant reflective role.
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