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Introduction to Glass Rock

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-28
Glass rocks are divided into natural glass rocks, sintered glass rocks, temporary stained glass rocks, and permanent stained glass rocks. Its characteristics are: bright colors, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, and colorfastness. Natural glass rock: natural ore crushed, does not fade but has many impurities; temporary stained glass rock: bright color, easy to decolor. Natural glass rock: natural ore crushed, does not fade but has many impurities; temporary stained glass rock: bright color, easy to decolor. Natural glass rock is processed by multiple processes such as selection, crushing, crushing, grading, and packaging of marble or granite ores. The color series of glass rock products are: gray series glass rocks, black series glass rocks, red series glass rocks, yellow series glass rocks, white series glass rocks, green series glass rocks, etc. Product Series Black Series Glass Rock: Take Taihang Mountain natural high-quality Chinese black granite as raw material. The main variety is Chinese black glass rock. This variety is widely used for decoration and is luxurious and noble. Some of them are fine glass rocks. Red series of glass rocks: Take Taihang Mountain natural high-quality red granite and marble as raw materials, the main varieties are pink glass rocks, hibiscus red glass rocks, liver red glass rocks, orange glass rocks, chicken blood red glass rocks, and dot red glass rocks. This variety is widely used in various industries, with bright colors, and is well received by users! Yellow series of glass rocks: This series includes medium yellow glass rocks, beige glass rocks, floor yellow glass rocks, tiger skin yellow glass rocks, etc. White Series Glass Rock: This series includes Snow White Glass Rock, White Jade Glass Rock, Grass White Jade Glass Rock, etc. Green series glass rock: This series includes gem green glass rock, evergreen glass rock, fruit green glass rock, green gray glass rock and so on. Building decoration, terrazzo aggregate, real stone paint, glass rock paint, etc. Natural glass rock can be used to manufacture marble, floor tiles, ceramic tiles and decorative sanitary ware, etc. It has the advantages of gloss, smoothness, firmness and wear resistance. New-style interior and exterior wall stone paints, reliefs and other products made of natural glass rocks are wear-resistant, waterproof, anticorrosive, non-toxic, strong adhesion, and colorful. They are widely used in construction projects, interior decoration, reliefs, etc. The high-grade spray paint made of natural glass rock has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, bright luster, soft tones and strong three-dimensional effect. The ground and pavement paved with multicolored stones can beautify the environment and protect the body. The latest product of natural glass rock: natural colored stone powder, used for coatings, ultra-fine powder for color mixing. Copyright: Keywords: glass rock manufacturers, glass rock, glass rock manufacturers, Qingdao glass rock, Qingdao glass rock
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