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Introduction to Glass Rock Color Classification

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-03
Black series of glass rock: Take Taihang Mountain natural high-quality Chinese black granite as the raw material, the main variety is Chinese black glass rock, this variety is widely used, it is used for decoration and it is luxurious and noble. Some of them are fine glass rocks. Red series of glass rocks: Take Taihang Mountain natural high-quality red granite and marble as raw materials, the main varieties are pink glass rocks, hibiscus red glass rocks, liver red glass rocks, orange glass rocks, chicken blood red glass rocks, and dot red glass rocks. This variety is widely used in various industries, with bright colors, and is well received by users! Yellow series of glass rocks: This series includes medium yellow glass rocks, beige glass rocks, floor yellow glass rocks, tiger skin yellow glass rocks, etc. White Series Glass Rock: This series includes Snow White Glass Rock, White Jade Glass Rock, Grass White Jade Glass Rock, etc. Green series glass rock: This series includes gem green glass rock, evergreen glass rock, fruit green glass rock, green gray glass rock and so on. Construction process glass rock    concrete pouring-mechanical troweling-spreading the first wear-resistant material-mechanical smoothing-spreading the second wear-resistant material-mechanical smoothing-mechanical troweling and curing agent.  Scope of Application    is suitable for places with high requirements for floor surface hardness and wear resistance, such as industrial plants, warehouses, parking lots, mechanical maintenance, automobile manufacturing, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, cargo storage areas, logistics storage bases, etc. Copyright: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturer, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturer, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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