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Introduction to the production process of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
Introduction to the production process of glass beads 2019-07-12 (1) Check the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. (2) Open the air inlet of the furnace body, start the induced draft fan, and evacuate the remaining air in the furnace body. After five minutes, start the circulating water pump. After the downpipe of the furnace body flows smoothly, prepare for ignition. (3) Open the air outlet of a musket and start to ignite, first point the ignition rod to the air outlet of the musket, slowly open the gas pipe valve, and close the ignition rod after ignition. (Note: Do not increase the gas supply) (4) Start the cooling screw auger and start the two together. (5) Start the vibrating screen. (6) After everything is normal, do all inspections, the equipment is normal, the furnace temperature is normal, turn on the electromagnetic feeder, and start to discharge. (Note: Don't supply too much current at the beginning) (7) Check the quality of the glass beads, add materials slowly, and increase the furnace's output only when the quality is ensured. (8) Ensure that the temperature of the glass beads does not scald the packaging before filling. The production process of glass microbeads recycled waste glass → crushing and sieving → glass sand (or purchase) → firing → cooling and screening → weighing and packing.
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