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Introduction to the simple meaning of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
Introduction to the simple meaning of glass beads 2019-04-12 Glass beads are an abrasive with unique characteristics that are widely used in cleaning or metal surface strengthening treatments, and are mainly used in sandblasting equipment. The glass beads are crushed and sorted from high-quality broken glass. In manufacturing, the cullet must be melted into a spherical shape and then annealed to eliminate internal stress and prevent damage. This kind of transparent and clear spherical structure product will not have particles embedded in the workpiece, contaminate the workpiece or cause other damages. Using different size abrasives and different operating parameters, glass beads will achieve different gloss levels on the surface of the workpiece. The use of shot peened glass beads to selectively cover the surface of the workpiece with controlled sandblasting can produce a special decorative effect. The excellent performance of glass beads makes it not damage the surface of the workpiece when cleaning or deburring the workpiece with strict requirements for deviation, which is very suitable for selection. Moreover, the inherent strength of glass beads makes it suitable for equipment that can circulate abrasives. Glass beads are also widely used to treat the surface of workpieces with residual tension or under periodic pressure to produce a compressive stress layer to achieve the purpose of surface strengthening. Using glass beads to strengthen the surface of the workpiece can reduce potential hazards such as surface erosion or surface fatigue. The use of glass beads for surface treatment is very economical and cost-effective, and the control is precise. The chemical properties of the glass beads are non-toxic and will not leave ferrous substances or other harmful substances on the surface of the workpiece during use, and will not bring adverse effects to the surrounding environment.
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