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Is glass rock also called glass sand?

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-01
1. Glass stone, glass beads, glass stone, and glass beads are generally called glass sand.  Glass sand is sieved from ordinary glass and divided into various models, which are irregular shapes! Glass sand is sintered in a gas furnace (electric furnace), most of which are in the shape of a ball! Shape, specific gravity, bulk density, Mohs hardness, Rockwell hardness, Si02Na20Ca0Mg0Al203Fe203, spherical shape 2.5g/m31.5g/cm36-7, about 46HRCu003e65.0u003c14.0u003e8.0u003e2.5u003e0.5-2.00.152, quality standard (1), appearance: clean, Transparent, no bubbles and impurities (2), rounding rate ≥90% 3. Features:    1. The chemical composition is inert silicon dioxide, and there is no concern about chemical activity interference; 2. Round elastic particles, impact resistance, can be recycled many times, Less loss; 3. Small abrasion to spray and prolong the service life of the nozzle; 4. The surface of the ball will not damage the processing surface and precise dimensions; 5. After treatment, the surface of the workpiece is smooth, with special aesthetics, and enhance the value of the product; 6. Suitable Dry and wet sandblasting operations; 7. Fine glass rock for metal cracks is easy to show after wet sandblasting; 8. The processed workpiece has a matte effect, highlights the metal color, does not rust, etc., and does not require acid Washing and rust removal treatment. Copyright: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturers, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturers, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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