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Little glass beads have these uses

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
In daily life, you can often see all kinds of glass beads, they come in various colors and shapes. Such small inconspicuous things seem to be encountered every day, but few people seem to think about how useful these things are. Therefore, many people will ignore that even small things can play a big role. Glass beads are such an object. 1. Handicraft decoration. Because of his excellent appearance and absorbing beauty, it is common for people to use him on various handicrafts to form gorgeous handicrafts, or in various office supplies, In the field of daily necessities, they can be combined into different styles for decoration. 2. Road markings reflect light. In fact, glass beads can also be used as road markings. This is derived from the nature of the glass beads to reflect light. They are usually installed on the road in an orderly manner. At night, they can reflect the surrounding light and let the traffickers notice the direction of the road, thereby reducing many traffic accidents. 3. Reduce the wear rate. Since glass beads are an inert substance, they are usually added to various artifacts and are manufactured into various machines together with them. This can reduce the wear rate of the machine and increase the service life of the machine.
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