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Manufacturing process of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
1. To produce glass beads, you must first choose raw materials. The quality of the raw materials determines the quality of the glass beads produced in the future. The raw materials should be clean, free of impurities, and glass with good strength and toughness. 2. Choose the good glass and then crush the glass sand. Use the glass to smash into glass sand. According to the size of the particle size, smash into uniform and moderate glass sand, so as to save manpower and material resources when firing. 3. Use the crushed glass sand to make a sintering furnace by yourself, adjust the natural gas temperature to 1200 degrees, then you can cut the material and burn it, and check the quality and hardness at the same time. 4. The fired semi-finished glass microbeads enter the vibrating screen to be sieved. 5. Stir the sieved glass beads according to a certain ratio. 6. Packed for export.
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