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Performance characteristics of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
The glass bead itself has very good advantages. It has good anti-corrosion effect, and has a good anti-leakage effect in the actual use process. It also shows a very good use effect in the specific use process. Its thermal insulation effect is suitable for outdoor use, and its corrosion resistance is also obvious. Glass beads have the advantages of light weight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, good dispersion, fluidity and stability. In addition, it also has excellent properties such as insulation, self-lubrication, sound insulation, non-water absorption, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation protection, and non-toxicity.  Glass beads are made of inorganic materials. According to chemical composition: silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium silicate, etc. The density of glass beads is about one tenth of the density of traditional filler particles. After filling, it can greatly reduce the basis weight of the product, replace and save more production resins, and reduce product costs. Glass beads are used for industrial shot peening and additives. The glass beads can be on the metal surface and the surface of the mold without damaging the surface of the workpiece, and improving the accuracy of the workpiece. Used for cleaning and polishing of hardware, plastics, jewelry, precision casting and other objects.
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