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Product use of Qingdao glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Our company is a professional glass bead enterprise and a well-known enterprise in Chaoshan area. Let me introduce the product use of glass beads:    1. The surface matt treatment of stainless steel products.   2. Used for cleaning various molds.  3. Cleaning and removing edge thorns before tinning on semiconductor devices and plastic encapsulation tubes.  4. Shot peening matte for medical equipment, textile machinery and various hardware products...  5. Surface cleaning, beautification processing, etching processing, pretreatment processing, hair removal processing, stress relief processing, mold processing.   The above are the product uses of glass beads. Customers are welcome to contact us to discuss ordering glass beads. We will create more excellent products with the support of friends from all walks of life.
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