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Qingdao alloy steel sand shares with you the application of stained glass rock in the real stone paint field of the wall

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-01
Stained glass rock is used in the field of real stone paint on the wall. The glass rock is wrapped in resin, and its weather resistance performance will be extended to a certain extent (also the weather resistance of the resin is usually required within 15-20 years. Discoloration and no efflorescence), the performance effect of stained glass rock is more beautiful and fresh. Natural glass stone is made of sandy grains such as marble and granite. The dyed glass stone has natural color, never changes color, and has good compression resistance. The construction is close to the effect of natural stone, and the cost of sand is lower than that of dyed glass stone. Glass rock paint is also called sand wall paint. A wall paint that contains sand as aggregate and is exposed on the surface of the coating film. It is usually made of acrylic copolymer emulsion, colored quartz sand and various additives. The stained glass rock is a water-based thick paste emulsion paint. According to the color of quartz sand, it can be matched into various colors (monochrome or multiple colors). Ordinary glass rock is first painted, then sanded to increase the friction, resin is used for sanding, sanding machine is used to spread sand, and then artificially preliminarily compacted, and finally polished and flattened with a polishing machine. Stained glass rock mainly produces and sells abrasives (black corundum, black corundum powder, Hainan sand, YEDA brand black corundum, silicon carbide, white corundum, brown corundum, gem polishing powder, crystal polishing powder, steel shot, aluminum shot), abrasive tools, etc. Various specifications of emery, coarse sand and micro-powder, agent of various grades of bone glue, and with first-class management, first-class product quality, first-class service, has won the unanimous trust of users. Glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks, Qingdao glass rocks, Qingdao craft glass rocks, Qingdao natural glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, Huizhou glass rocks, Zhongshan Glass Rock, Guangzhou Glass Rock Website:
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