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Qingdao High-strength Glass Beads Factory wishes everyone a happy Year of the Dog!

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-21
Qingdao High-strength Glass Beads Factory wishes everyone a happy Year of the Dog! 2019-04-12 The golden rooster presents Rui's resignation, and the jade dog presents its grandeur. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Qingdao High Strength Glass Beads Factory expresses its deep gratitude to our customers and friends for their sincere trust and enthusiastic support, and extends New Year’s greetings! I wish you all a lot of money in the new year. Our career will take a higher level! May we work together in the new year to create brilliance together! 2017 is a year of joy and hardship for China to shake hands. The law will gradually return to Chunhui, and Vientiane will be renewed. Now we bid farewell to 2017 and welcome Here comes a hopeful 2018.   2017 is the past and 2018 is the present. It is a historical turning point worth looking forward to. No matter what, we must work hard to meet new opportunities and challenges.   To cherish precious life and friendship, to thank all the love and support, to give your sincerity and hard work, to achieve the existing career and knowledge.   Opportunities contain great opportunities, innovation makes great achievements, the new year opens up new hopes, and new journeys carry new dreams. 2018 is a critical year for us to set sail and compose a glorious chapter! We will be full of confidence and move towards a higher goal. Because we have dreams, we will be full of stars and the moon, and we will fight for the day and night; because of the promise, we will never turn back and go forward bravely!    2018 It is a year of unlimited business opportunities. Let us join hands and move towards a more lofty goal to continue writing a new chapter in the industry! Looking back on the past, the old years have already exhibited thousands of times. Looking ahead, the new year should be a hundred feet. With a brief experience and a grand plan, we will continue to write a new chapter on the road to becoming a leading enterprise with the service concept of pursuing excellence. Let us, as always, work closely together for mutual benefit and win-win results to reach new heights! Finally, I wish you all good health in the new year! Happy family! All the best! The Year of the Dog!
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