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Qingdao natural glass rock share with you the color choice of natural glass rock

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-01
1. The glass rock factory is increasing year by year. 2. The quality of glass rock products is inferior, which causes the real stone paint products to not meet the quality. 3. Raw glass rock is in short supply. 4. Varieties of glass rock have different colors and changes. Regarding the current factors in the glass rock market, our factory has also made conceivable responses: 1. Improve service quality and provide personalized services in many glass rock factories; 2. Improve the quality of glass rock products so that customers can use Don't worry; 3. Step up the reserve of raw ore of glass rock; 4. Strictly control the color of the same batch of glass rock products and make 100 tons of color. The colors of the glass rock are as follows: red, claret, bright red, pink, coral red, rose red, pink, dark pink, light pink, natural powder, copper red, purple, orange, brown, brown, light coffee, yellow brown, red brown , Natural yellow, copper rhubarb, beige, golden, lemon yellow, imitation bright yellow, medium yellow, silver yellow, orange yellow, light yellow, dark green, big green, gem green, grass green, jade green, deep pine, middle pine, light pine, light green , Fruit green, sapphire blue, violet, purple blue, peacock blue, sky blue, light blue, blue, sea blue, brilliant blue, Danqing No. 1, Danqing No. 3, Danqing No. 4, dark blue, big black, dark gray, medium gray , Light gray, silver gray, flower white, porcelain white, tooth white, camel, flower purple, big purple, bright purple, rose purple, light purple, pink skin, medium skin, light skin, stained glass rock color can be customized, as long as the customer provides the Need color or color card, no color difference. Glass rock manufacturer, stained glass rock, craft glass rock, Qingdao stained glass rock, natural glass rock, stained glass rock, Qingdao glass rock,, Qingdao craft glass rock, Qingdao natural glass rock, Qingdao Stained Glass Rock, Huizhou Glass Rock, Zhongshan Glass Rock, Guangzhou Glass Rock Website:
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