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Reflective glass rock and reflective powder for road marking

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
The reflective glass rock for road markings, reflective powder The reflective glass rock for road markings, and reflective powder are used to improve the retroreflective performance of the road marking paint. When the car is driving at night, the car lights are illuminated on the marking line with glass beads. The light from the car lights can be reflected back in parallel and the driver can see the direction of travel clearly, improving the safety of driving at night.   Reflective glass rock and reflective powder are necessary materials for road marking coatings, which are mainly used for road markings (internal mixing of hot melt paint or sprinkling on construction surface), signs, barrier outline signs, etc. Road glass beads can improve the reverse performance of road coatings, reflect lights at night, and improve driving safety. Used as additives in plastic, rubber and composite materials. No. 1 bead: used as the marking line of hot-melt coating, the surface bead size diameter (μm) mesh number of glass stone mass% 850200850-60020-305-30600-30030-5030-80300-10650-14010-40< 106< 1040-5
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