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Significance of using reflective bead emitter

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-21
Significance of using reflective bead emitters 2019-04-12 Qingdao High Strength Glass Bead Factory is a professional manufacturer of glass beads and glass beads series products in China. The company is located in the hometown of ceramic glass-Shandong. It is a national key scenic spot, rich in cultural heritage and tourism resources, and is the birthplace of Chinese glass craftsmanship.   Qingdao High-strength Glass Bead Factory is an enterprise specializing in the production of glass beads with advanced equipment, standardized technology and complete varieties. The glass bead reflective signs are more eye-catching at night. The use of reflective bead transmitters solves the problem of safety guidance for vehicle driving and extends the service life. On this basis, in order to ensure the quality of the contour marking products and reflect the landscape characteristics of Penghu in the details, the project office carefully selected the contour markings, and adopted the products of Austria Swarfas (Beijing) Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. to a uniform and high standard across the line , Especially in the intercommunication and connection lines, the solar wireless simultaneous flashing protruding mark is uniformly adopted. The product adopts directional light technology, which has strong beam penetration, obvious energy saving effect, and can produce the best recognition effect in rain and fog.
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