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Talk about the expansion of the use of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
At present, the glass beads produced on the market are widely used in zebra crossings, double yellow lines, and no-stop grids on roads because of their easy reflection, light texture, easy coloring and low adhesion, non-lipophilic and hydrophilic characteristics. In the marking markings such as no-stop signs on the roads and roadsides. In addition, what other market applications of glass beads are currently blank in the market? Let's discuss it together. 1 Glass beads can be used in warning signs such as national defense optical fibers. At present, all kinds of warning signs set up in cities are established by various departments. For example, the traffic prohibition and height limit warning signs are established by the transportation department, the national defense optical cable and other communication facilities warning signs are established by the military and communication facilities companies, and the cable anti-theft warning signs are established by the electrical industry. Warning signs for instruments such as meteorological and marine notification signs are established by relevant industry departments. For so many warning signs, most of them have no prompt and warning function at night, especially the warnings of national defense optical cables are often written in paint because of the age. Therefore, the author believes that glass beads can be widely used in various warning signs, thereby greatly increasing the utilization rate of this product and benefiting various industries at the same time. 2 Glass beads can be used in industrial processing. Glass beads can be used in grinding. At present, the precision of some products in industrial processing has not reached the world's advanced level of refinement. You can consider using glass beads for grinding.
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