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Technical application of hollow glass microspheres in injection molding

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Hollow glass beads    1. Brief introduction    is a kind of tiny, hollow spherical powdery pure white, ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic material. The particle size can be arbitrarily selected between 1-500 microns according to needs, and the density is 0.15-0.60 g/㎝3   . It has light weight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, strong dispersion and fluidity, and chemical stability. Good advantages. 2. Main use in injection molding process 1. Improve flow performance. Hollow glass microspheres are tiny spheres. In liquid, they act like miniature ball bearings. They are more effective than flake, needle or irregularly shaped filled particles. Good fluidity and the resulting microsphere effect reduce the viscosity of the mixture, naturally excellent mold filling performance, and good processing performance, which can increase the production efficiency by 15% to 20%. 2. Reduce the shrinkage and warpage of the product. Since the spherical object is isotropic, the filled beads will not cause the inconsistency of the shrinkage of different parts due to the orientation, and ensure the dimensional stability of the product without warping. The curve solves the long-existing deformation problem in the molding and processing of special-shaped materials and large injection products. Shown in: the toughness of the product is significantly improved, the elastic modulus and bending resistance are significantly improved, and the surface hardness is enhanced. In addition, the use of hollow glass microspheres as fillers increases the critical shear stress of melt fracture, speeds up the processing speed of filled modified materials, and improves production efficiency. 3. Lower oil absorption rate. Compared with the conventional filling material calcium carbonate, the absorption rate of hollow glass beads is much lower. The oil absorption rate of different types of products per 100g is between 7-50mg, and every 100g The oil absorption rate of light calcium carbonate is as high as 120-130 mg, and heavy calcium carbonate is also as high as 50-60 mg. This kind of filling material with low oil absorption not only reduces the amount of plasticizer in the production process, but also increases the filling amount in a disguised form and reduces the overall cost.  4, the volume cost is more economical   The density of high-performance hollow glass beads is only a fraction of the density of the resin, and only a small amount of hollow glass beads can be used to replace heavier materials. When considering the cost per unit volume, the weight of the product can be greatly reduced after filling and application, thereby reducing the amount of main raw material resin and reducing product costs. 3. When the filling amount of the hollow glass beads is controlled at about 10-20% of the weight of the resin, it can improve the surface finish, strength and dimensional stability of the handicraft, and the weight is at least about lighter than the finished product with mineral powder. 40%    Fourth, the packaging is packed in cartons or woven bags lined with plastic bags, and the packaging weight depends on the grade density of hollow glass beads and the actual needs of customers.
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