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Technical indicators of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
Technical indicators of glass beads 2019-04-12 Technical indicators of glass beads: 1. Chemical composition: SiO2 u003e67%, CaOu003e8.0% MgOu003e2.5% Na2Ou003c14%, Al2O3 0.5-2.0 Fe2O3 u003e0.15 Other 2.0% 2 , Specific gravity: 2.4-2.6 g/cubic centimeter Bulk density: 1.5 g/cubic centimeter Mohs hardness: 6-7 Mohs Rockwell hardness: 48-52 HRC Appearance: smooth, round, transparent glass without impurities Rounding rate: ≥85% 3. The magnetic particles do not exceed 0.1% of the product weight 4. The bubble content in the glass beads is less than 10% 5. Does not contain any silicone resin ingredients
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