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The advantages of using glass beads as pavement reflective materials

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
Glass beads are a newly developed material in recent years. Because of its special chemical and physical properties, it has attracted the attention of many people in the industry once it came out. Some of them have simply processed the glass beads. Adding it to pavement paving materials has achieved unexpected results. 1. Traditional materials The materials used for traditional road construction are almost natural materials such as cement, sand and gravel. After long-term weathering and rolling of vehicles, the unfavorable physical deformation cannot be controlled at all, and many special warning lines are also damaged. In the future, once the road has not been repaired for a long time, even if the road can be driven normally, the risk factor will increase. 2. Glass beads pave the road. So after the appearance of glass beads, someone coated the glass beads, that is, coated the surface of the tiny glass beads with a reflective film, which not only can reflect better at night It also refracts vehicle lights, and its abrasion resistance and practicability are greatly enhanced. The service life of roads paved at the same time with glass beads on the surface will be several times longer than the original roads. And when the road surface is in good condition, the reflective effect of the warning line on the road surface will never attenuate. In addition, some researchers have strengthened the hardness of the glass beads, which can even greatly enhance the load-bearing capacity of the road surface. And these studies have not stopped, so there may be more applications appearing in our lives in the near future.
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