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The application of porcelain beads on clothes and jewelry

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Porcelain beads are made of porcelain clay in the shape of round beads. After hydrating, glazing, sprinkling, decoration, etc., the materials, raw materials, mud, glaze, and patterns are finally fired into porcelain beads by high-temperature firing. The surface glaze, the shape of the porcelain beads, the glazing process and firing system of the porcelain beads, the atmosphere, etc. have a great influence on the quality of the porcelain beads. Why Jingdezhen porcelain beads are so popular is because of these many factors We have reached the leading position in China. No matter in terms of raw materials and craftsmanship, or in decorative design, the application of porcelain beads in clothes and jewelry is very extensive. Because of the diversity of functions and the infinite collocation, many products can be made. Exquisite and gorgeous ceramic jewelry, clothes accessories and other fashionable and natural ethnic jewelry, fashionable clothes jewelry, and more creative ceramic jewelry, decorate the most perfect porcelain on porcelain beads, and show the millennia of porcelain craftsmanship in the modern People's clothes and jewelry come on top. Created an entrepreneurial jewelry culture based on porcelain. There are many good ceramic products, such as blue and white porcelain pendants, blue and white porcelain earrings, ceramic beads, ceramic jewelry, ceramic jewelry, etc.
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