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The best material for road anti-skid is glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
The non-slip pavement is to ensure fewer traffic accidents, to protect the lives of drivers and passengers, and it is the greatest guarantee for the lives of Chinese citizens! This is also the biggest purpose of road anti-skid. Anti-skid pavement mainly occurs on snowy days in winter. We know that the method of anti-skid pavement in winter is salting, but this is too wasteful of resources. This makes enterprises continue to develop and produce pavement anti-skid materials. The best pavement anti-skid material is glass micro Beads? why? The hollow glass bead manufacturer explains it for you. First of all, glass microbeads are produced and developed for anti-skid on the road surface. They are mainly used as anti-skid materials on large and small roads due to their strong fluidity, high mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, reflection, and high brightness. , To ensure our safety and reduce the risk index caused by anti-skid. The method of use is mainly to pave its anti-skid aggregate products. The pavement anti-skid index of the glass beads has been tested by the national official agency, and the anti-skid value is as high as 80%. It is not afraid of the erosion of snow and rain, and is not afraid of high temperature exposure. The pavement non-slip material.  Glass beads do not harm any environment or pollute the land. They are environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. Moreover, the market glass beads are reasonably priced, economical and environmentally friendly, and are the best pavement non-slip material.   Many people may not know very well about glass beads, but it doesn't matter, as long as you read this article, I believe you will soon have a comprehensive understanding of this material. For it, I made a series of summaries through the materials provided on the website, and found that this material is really good, and its characteristics are also very suitable for us to talk about its universal use.   So what are the characteristics of glass beads? The quality of this product is very light, and its thermal conductivity is also very poor, which means that it is a low thermal conductivity product, and we can also find that it has high strength. It is these good features that make Now this product can be used as a raw material for agate and other good-looking jewelry. We can also find that many industries are also using this product. I believe it will not disappoint us all.
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