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The child accidentally swallowed glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
'Doctor, hurry up, my son swallowed the glass beads, hurry up and have a look for me.' At 7:30 pm on August 15th, citizen Mr. Li brought his son to the emergency room of the Chinese Medicine Hospital anxiously.  Mr. Li’s son is 4 years old this year. After dinner, he played checkers with the kid next door. The two children had a dispute while playing. They hid the glass beads in their mouths for the sake of their son. Who knew they were accidentally pushed from behind by the child next door, and the glass beads were swallowed by his son. The son cried in a hurry, walked up to Mr. Li and pointed at the glass beads and then at his belly.   Upon seeing Mr. Li, 'The child must have swallowed the glass beads.' Quickly send him to the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for examination. Considering that the child swallowed only glass beads, the receiving doctor analyzed that they could expel it spontaneously, suggesting that Mr. Li go home for observation. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Li found a glass bead in his son's stool.   The pediatrician told reporters that in the summer, there are particularly many children who swallow foreign bodies, and they have to deal with multiple cases every day. 'On weekdays, small items at home should be kept out of the children's reach. Parents must take care of the children when they are playing, so as to prevent them from putting objects in their mouths in time. If you find that your child accidentally swallows foreign objects, you must promptly Bring your child to the hospital and try to keep your child quiet on the way. The more trouble your child is, the more likely it is to have accidents. Don’t feed any food or drink any more water.”
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