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The concept of nanoglass and its seven characteristics

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
The concept of nano glass    nano glass is the use of advanced technology such as nano to manufacture glass.  Nano glass refers to a special glass material whose internal structure is controlled and formed with a structure ranging from about 1 nm to hundreds of nanometers. This structure control can be to control the structure of the glass blank (base material) at the atomic or molecular level, to form ultrafine particles inside the glass, or to form another substance (heterophase) dispersed in it. Through this kind of structural control, nanoglass can maintain its glass properties, and at the same time endow it with many new properties such as mechanical and optical properties that are different from ordinary glass. Nano glass features the following seven points:       1. Thermal insulation constant temperature: warm in winter and cool in summer, adjust the room temperature, heat insulation effect is 3-4 times that of glass film, liquid glass film in summer can block 75%-88% of direct solar heat Entering the room, thereby reducing the indoor temperature; in winter, preventing indoor heat from radiating out, reducing air-conditioning and heating costs. Through the energy saving of the window, the electricity bill can be reduced. (Example: Air conditioning power consumption, lighting power consumption, etc.)       2. Increase the strength of the glass: When the glass is accidentally broken, it prevents the fragments from splashing and reduces the harm to the human body.      Third, anti-glare glare: It is easy to form dazzling glare when the sun is directly exposed. Kejian liquid glass film can soften the light on the basis of ensuring the light transmittance and eliminate the damage to the eyes caused by the glare.      Fourth, UV protection: UV rays are the direct cause of fading and aging of indoor objects such as furniture, fabrics, carpets, curtains, murals, chemical fiber fabrics, and the culprit in inducing skin cancer. Liquid temperature-regulating glass film can block more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays by adding ultraviolet absorbers and reflectors, and keep indoor items bright in color for a long time, and can block more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, and keep indoor items bright in color and bright as new for a long time. And protect the skin from harm.      5. Sound blocking and noise prevention: Effectively block external noise.      6. Beautiful decoration: The color of the liquid glass film can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can beautify the appearance of the room and improve the indoor environment.      Seven, light-transmitting beauty: residences, office buildings, hotels, schools, automobiles. These require heat insulation and block ultraviolet rays, and are especially suitable for places with special requirements for light transmission and sight. Reduce the input cost of secondary sunshading, such as making sunshades, blinds, external sunshades, filming, etc.; no shading to ensure good lighting. Article from Glass Rock Network:
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