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The difference in the use of different types of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
There are many uses of glass beads, most of which are used as raw materials. The purpose of different glass beads is also different. So, what are their respective uses and what is the difference? Let's explain below. According to the different glass bead particle size range (um), glass bead mass percentage (%), glass beads can be roughly divided into three categories, glass beads for jewelry, glass beads for roads, and mechanical sandblasted and polished glass beads. 1. Jewelry glass beads are mainly used for surface decorations such as handicrafts, ornaments, tourist souvenirs, etc. 2. Road marking reflective glass beads. Its main purpose is to reflect light at night to improve driving safety; in plastic, rubber and composite Used as an additive in the material. 3. Mechanical sandblasting, cleaning and polishing of glass beads are mainly used for cleaning and polishing of metal objects. Restore the cleanliness of the object while maintaining accuracy; used for mechanical sandblasting to increase the surface hardness of the object. For the purpose of different glass beads, we have introduced and explained the classification above. When you use the relevant glass bead products, you should make specific choices according to its different uses.
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