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by:Spring Glass     2021-03-03
The sweetness is what everyone likes. The 'sweetness' of glass sand is the benefits brought by the use of glass sand and the enjoyment brought by the use of glass sand. Glass sand is manufactured in large quantities in my country, and Qingdao glass sand is one of the important production and processing sites in my country. my country's technology in the production of glass sand has been quite mature after transformation, so the glass sand we produce is not only for our own industrial use, but also for export trade. Such a development scenario is excellent. Glass sand is used for glass surface decoration, such as glasses, vases, lampshades, etc. The glass sand is fused with the glass workpiece to form an uneven three-dimensional surface. In addition, colored glass sand can also be used in the field of decoration or art. Glass rock production process, first of all to use various methods to produce a spherical blank, the glass rock blank is placed in the upper and lower two grinding discs with multiple concentric rings of the same size and triangular grinding grooves that match the size of the blank. , Add oil and coarse abrasive; the upper grinding disc rotates while the lower grinding disc does not move. The above-mentioned ball grinding machine is called a coarse grinding machine; each time the rough grinding is completed, the oil and coarse abrasive residues sticking to the surface of the ball must be cleaned, and the rough-grinded blank is put into the fine grinding machine; add low-viscosity oil and fine abrasive , Grind to a standard size, so that the glass rock is produced. Glass sand is divided into transparent glass sand and colored glass sand. The appearance of transparent glass sand is similar to that of white sugar. At the same time, forming an uneven three-dimensional surface, colored glass sand can also be used in the field of decoration or art. Glass Rock Manufacturers Copyright: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturers, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturers, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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