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The glass rock can be dyed as a decoration

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-03
Road glass beads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot-melt road marking paints. There are two types: premixed and surface sprayed. The premixed glass beads can be mixed in the paint during the production of hot-melt road coatings, which can ensure that the road markings reflect light for a long time during the life of the road. The other can be sprinkled on the surface of the road marking to have an instant reflective effect during road marking construction. Surface-treated coated glass beads are used in road marking construction, which can greatly improve the adhesion of glass beads to hot melt markings, enhance the refractive index of road markings, and have self-cleaning, anti-fouling, Use for moisture proof. Road glass beads are used to improve the reverse performance of road coatings and improve the safety of drivers driving at night. If this kind of glass sand is dyed, it can still be used as a decoration or in the field of art. However, this kind of use can actually be found in daily life. Just as we can see in some shops in the shopping mall, there are some more sophisticated gifts that are decorated with this kind of glass sand. So for this kind of use, it is better first, because Qingdao glass sand is dyed with various colors, it looks very beautiful. There is also such a use, silica sand; the use of silica sand is mainly used to make a glass product, but for this kind of simple use, we can see the glass production we are using. So for this kind of use, it is understandable in our daily life, but relatively speaking, this kind of silicon-containing sand, in fact, ordinary sand contains silicon. Since ordinary sand contains silicon, which one is our choice? Generally speaking, the more silicon contained in sand is the best material for making glass. Everyone knows the use of glass, all rights reserved: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturers, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturers, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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