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The magical use of Qingdao glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Our company is a professional glass bead factory, occupying a broad market with high-level service quality, excellent product quality, and good credit. What is the magical use of glass beads, let me introduce to you.  1. Hollow glass beads are now widely used in artificial agate, marble, glass fiber reinforced plastic bowling and other compatible materials and high-end thermal insulation coatings, which have significantly reduced product weight and good thermal insulation effect.  2. Hollow glass beads are sensitizers with excellent properties for civil emulsion explosives, which can significantly improve the initiation performance of emulsion explosives and extend the storage period. In addition, hollow glass beads can also be used in putty to increase the volume, improve the polishing performance, and improve the acid and alkali resistance. The magical effect of    glass beads is not only here, but for more information on glass beads, please call us, and the company will serve you wholeheartedly! Also welcome more people to experience the glass bead culture!
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