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The manufacturer takes you to understand glass rock production

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-02
How glass rock is made: Glass rock is made from crushed and sorted high-quality broken glass. In manufacturing, the cullet must be melted into a spherical shape and then annealed to eliminate internal stress and avoid breakage. This kind of transparent and clear spherical structure product will not have particles embedded in the workpiece, contaminate the workpiece or cause other damages. Using different size abrasives and different operating parameters, glass rock will reach different gloss levels on the surface of the workpiece. And the use of glass rock on the surface of the workpiece to selectively cover the controlled sandblasting can produce a special decorative effect. . How are glass balls made? The raw material for making glass balls can only be glass. Glass is industrially produced. The raw materials are mainly quartz sand, feldspar, calcite, Glauber's salt, etc. These ores must be heated to more than a thousand degrees before they can react to form molten glass. The diameter of the glass pinballs usually played by children is about 1 cm. Its production method can explain the problem: The raw materials for glass balls are mostly natural ores. Therefore, to make glass balls, all kinds of ores must be crushed and added into powder. Then, according to the composition of the glass, a batch is made and sent to a glass melting furnace for melting to form a molten glass. Qualified molten glass flows through the feeding tank and flows out from the feeding port to form strands. The temperature of the material strands is generally 1150~1170℃ for medium-alkali glass balls and 1200~1220℃ for alkali-free glass. The material strands are cut into ball embryos nearly 200 times per minute. The ball embryo passes through the chute, the ball divider, and is moved by the ball divider plate, rolls into different hoppers, and then falls into the ball groove formed by three rollers with the same rotation direction. The ball embryo is on the roller. The rotation and its own surface tension gradually form a smooth and round glass ball. Copyright: Keywords: glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks
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