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The past and present of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Glass beads were born in the Western Zhou Dynasty. At that time, the glass beads used in the Western Zhou Dynasty were not very widely used. Glass beads began to be widely used in the Warring States Period. Thereby promoting the development and production of glass beads. Afterwards, the matt glass beads and colorful glass beads all emerged one by one. The main characteristics of these glass beads are the round shape of the outer step, different colors, and the smooth and bright surface, which makes people love it. The other type is dragonfly eye glass beads. The appearance of these glass beads is much like that of a dragonfly's eyes. The external shape is oblate, and the basic colors are light blue and light green.  Nowadays, glass beads are an item in our lives. They are mainly used in industries such as evening dresses, shoes, hats, and lighting. The two largest production areas of glass beads in China are in Shandong and Zhejiang. The glass beads in these two places have a high reputation.
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