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The road markings reflect light because of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
Everyone who is engaged in building materials knows that glass beads are a kind of building materials processed by high-tech. The raw material is borosilicate. This new material, which has only emerged in recent years, has a wide range of uses because of its special performance. One of the common uses is to mark roads or parking lots. Many driving partners are more aware that when driving at night, you can see the zebra crossings, double yellow lines, etc., which reflect the glimmer on the road. This is not the use of fluorescent paint, but the addition of glass beads when making road markings. This item makes it safer to drive at night. The use of glass beads is all because of its magical characteristics, the author will explain in detail for you below. 1. The ability to reflect light The characteristic of glass beads is that it has a reflective function. It can reflect moonlight, street lights or other light. It is inconspicuous during the day and emits a weak light due to reflection at night. It does not affect the safety of the driver. They provide instructions, safe and convenient. 2. The glass beads are not easy to adhere after heating, and they also have the characteristics of not easy to adhere after heating. When the road markings need to be replaced, only the heating markings are needed to easily remove the mixed coating materials on the road, which is convenient and fast. Will hurt the road.
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