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The role of hollow glass beads in the field of civil explosives

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
For the field of explosives in the civilian industry, safety is a very important link. When people purchase explosives, they often purchase from professional distributors. However, it is impossible for professional distributors to purchase and produce at any time, so the storage of civilian explosives is involved. Civil explosives are currently stored under the supervision of the Public Security Bureau. How to extend the storage period of explosives and maintain the stability of explosives has become a common problem of current civilian explosives. The emergence of hollow glass beads has solved this problem. 1 Hollow glass beads can be used as a sensitizer for civil emulsion explosives. Simply put, hollow glass beads are added to civil emulsion explosives to extend the storage period and improve the explosive performance of the explosive. Do not underestimate these two performance improvements. On the one hand, extending the storage period can reduce the risk of concentrated transportation of explosives during transportation, increase the profit margin of the civilian explosives industry, and increase the safety performance of the civilian explosives industry. On the other hand, improving the initiation performance of explosives can reduce the amount of explosives, thereby increasing the profit margin of the civilian explosives industry. 2 Other applications of hollow glass microspheres in the field of civil explosives The civil explosives industry needs to do a good job in fire prevention, anti-static, etc. to solve the common problems of easy fire in the flammable and explosive industries, and hollow glass beads happen to have insulation and heat insulation properties, which will Coatings with hollow glass beads are used in the field of civil explosives and have practical effects.
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