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The small glass beads show the greed of the heart

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Glass is widely used in people's life and work. Especially now that the technology is more developed, the application of glass is also more mature. There are many types of glass products nowadays, and all aspects are involved, which brings great convenience to people.   Recently, the Daxian police destroyed a three-member gang dedicated to defrauding returning migrant workers. The police discovered that two of the three-member gang were “veterans” who were recently released from prison. Only for the work cases of returning residents '   They mainly defraud the victim's cash, but if the victim's cash is not much, they will defraud the victim's bank deposits.' According to Zhu Xiaoyuan, a policeman from Jinhua Police Station of Daxian Public Security Bureau, Since the beginning of May this year, the police have received multiple reports of fraudulent use of glass beads as jewelry. 'Not long ago, the three suspects were arrested and confessed that the money of returning migrant workers was very easy to defraud.' Zhu Xiaoyuan said that this fraud group specifically targeted returnees for three reasons. One is that the self-protection awareness of migrant workers is relatively weak; the other is migrant workers. It's easy to relax your vigilance when you just return to your hometown; third, even if the returning migrant workers don't have much cash, they will carry a bank card. The glass beads turned into 'jewelry'   It is understood that the scam gang has a clear division of work, one dressed as a stylishly dressed boss, one dressed as a returning migrant worker, and one dressed as an heirloom jewelry seller who urgently needs to sell due to misfortunes at home .   In the process of committing the crime, after the counterfeit migrant workers found the migrant workers who returned home alone, the big boss had a relationship with the two migrant workers on the grounds of asking for directions or needing someone to lead the way. Immediately after the seller appeared, for various reasons, he claimed to raise a sum of money as soon as possible, so he sold an heirloom jewelry. With the cooperation of the seller, the glass beads are said to be expensive jewelry. Subsequently, the big boss who wanted to buy jewellery negotiated the transaction price with the seller, but borrowed money from the two real and fake migrant workers because of his lack of cash, and promised to borrow 10,000 yuan to repay 20,000 yuan. It is difficult for the returning migrant workers to keep a clear head under the temptation, and it is easy for them to spend their money. In early June, after careful investigation by the police, Zhou Moumou dressed up as a migrant worker, Yang Moumou dressed up as a big boss, and Moumou Deng dressed up as a jewelry seller were seized by the police one after another. They were receiving the police. He confessed to his criminal behavior during the interrogation. 'Zhou and Yang were released after serving their sentences in the second half of 2011.' Zhu Xiaoyuan said that Zhou and Yang were co-convicts severely punished by law for committing fraud and they were released shortly after their release. In order to find money to spend, he decided to return to his old business and brought Deng Moumou into the group.   At present, three members of the fraud gang have been detained by Daxian police for committing three crimes involving a total of more than 70,000 yuan.   Especially in the current society, the credit of many people has been greatly challenged, so now people have become more cautious. In particular, the occurrence of the above kind of things also uses people's greed to a large extent, so it is more important to strengthen people's moral standards. share to:
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