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The use of glass beads material jewelry

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
With the development of science and technology, glass beads are used as decorative materials in daily life. The glass beads are very beautiful in appearance, and they stand bright like crystal. But we should pay attention to the decoration process, so as not to decorate too gorgeously will backfire.   Most young people like to use glass beads to decorate lights, and their sense of innovation is very high. But before the choice of lamp, understand these characteristics of glass lamps, this kind of lamp is generally translucent and reflective. For example, the light illuminates the glass lamp, which stimulates the eyes, facial features, and the overall feeling. In this case, you will be cool. But when you put the lamp at home, you will feel unable to concentrate and emotionally irritable.   When buying a glass sump, you should pay attention to its thickness. Thicker is not necessarily better. When the thick glass closes the hot water, it is easy to expand and contract when the basin is cracked. It is best not to buy glass fish tanks for families with children. Children do not know anything before they are sensible, and the possibility of damage to the glass fish tank is very high.
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