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The use of industrial glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
The use of industrial glass beads 2019-04-12 Industrial glass beads use the shape, hardness and chemical stability of glass beads. It is mainly used in the following aspects: ①Sand blast cleaning and shot blasting of metal parts to improve the fatigue resistance and stress corrosion resistance of metal parts. Generally, glass beads are required to have high hardness and wear resistance. ②Plastic filler. Adding hollow or solid glass beads to plastics can reduce shrinkage and increase fluidity. When strength and electrical insulation are required, E glass beads are often used. ④Filter material. The spherical shape and stable filling of glass beads are used to obtain a certain degree of porosity. Because of its stable chemical properties and heat resistance, it is easy to clean and ash. Generally, glass beads with high silica content are used. ⑤ Grinding media. Glass beads are used for the crushing and mixing of dyes, pigments, food and microorganisms due to their colorlessness and stable chemical properties. ⑥ Thermal insulation and floating body materials. The hollow glass beads are made into composite materials with small bulk density, pressure resistance, heat resistance, heat insulation, etc., which are used as heat insulation materials for submarines and floating bodies for marine development.
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