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Use glass beads to trick children away and knock money

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Yesterday afternoon, at the Zhuyeshan police station, Mr. Gu held the policeman's hand tightly and said, 'Thank you for saving my servant!' Before the words fell, the 30-year-old man could not cry.   Mr. Gu came to Han to do decoration work from Dawu and rented in Yuanfeng Village, Jiang'an District. At 6:30 in the evening the day before yesterday, when he returned home, he found a small note on the ground that said 'Find my son, call 1597211××××'. Mr. Gu was suddenly startled, 'Could it be that the 7-year-old son Mingming (a pseudonym) had an accident!' He dialed the phone, and a deep voice came from the other end of the phone: 'I want to give you 60,000 yuan in one hour. Yeshan Tiantian Plaza.' The other party then shut down.   At this time, Mr. Gu’s brother hurried in with his son Kang Kang (pseudonym). 9-year-old Kang Kang said that at noon the day before yesterday, he and Mingming played at the Caijiatian Community Elderly Activity Center opposite the home. An uncle came over and said, 'I have a big box of glass beads in my hand. Would you like it?' Within a few minutes, the uncle who was able to play was coaxed away.   At about 7 o'clock the night before, Mr. Gu rushed to the Zhuyeshan police station to call the police. The person in charge of the Jiang'an District Public Security Bureau stated that the kidnappers should not be allowed to slip away, and they immediately mobilized police to deploy control around Tiantian Square. At 8 p.m., the kidnappers called: 'has the money been collected?' In order to delay time, Mr. Gu desperately begged: 'Is borrowing money everywhere, can I extend the time?' The kidnappers agreed to trade at Tiantian Square at 10:30 p.m. .   At this time, a big net has been quietly spread. After investigation, the police found that the activities of the kidnappers were in Zhuyeshan and Houhu. At 10:20 the previous night, the police stationed in the police found that a young man was walking quickly to Tiantian Square, looking back panicked as he walked. 'Is he the kidnapper?' The policeman took out his cell phone and dialed the kidnapper's number. The cell phone on the young man's body rang suddenly, and the police ambushing around immediately swarmed...Almost at the same time, another policeman found Mingming who had fallen asleep at a hostel in Houhu.   Seeing their unharmed son, Mr. Gu and his wife burst into tears with excitement. They said that they did not expect that the police rescued their son after more than three hours.   It is understood that the suspect's surname is Leng, 21 years old, and Huangpi. Currently, the police have detained him for criminal purposes and continue to investigate the case.
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