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Use glass to make jewelry

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Nowadays, most decorators are looking for individuality, so some rare decoration accessories such as glass products have become the choice of many people. But you must be careful when choosing glass products, otherwise it may be counterproductive. First of all, there are skills in the selection of glass bead lamps. Individual and creative glass chandeliers are diverse in shape, novel and unique, highlighting individuality and creativity, and are suitable for the needs of many young people. But before choosing, you must understand some of the characteristics of glass lamps. For example, glass lamps are generally light-transmitting and reflective. People's senses are very sensitive to the interference of light and are too messy. Light can cause unfavorable factors such as inability to concentrate and emotional agitation. Therefore, when choosing a glass lamp, it depends on whether the light will affect people's physical and mental health. Secondly, the thicker the glass basin, the better. The glass hand basin occupies a certain position in the market. It is easy to handle and unique in shape, which can reflect the owner's preference. It should be noted that it is not that the thicker the glass of the hand basin, the better, because the thicker the glass basin, the slower the heat transmission speed when holding hot water, which will form a temperature difference between inside and outside, and the glass basin will expand and contract under the effect of heat. Will produce cracks, with a certain degree of danger.  Third, it is best not to buy glass fish tanks with children in the family. Many people like to grow flowers and fish, so some enthusiasts make their own DIY glass fish tanks, but according to industry insiders, glass fish tanks are made with great care, such as the choice of glass, the use of glass glue, etc., and they are accidentally made. Fish tanks are likely to be dangerous. It is best not to use glass fish tanks if you have children at home, and can be replaced by other materials.
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