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What about Spring Glass delivery accuracy?
The order provided by Qingdao Spring Glass Co., Ltd. is highly accurate. Accuracy means that the red crushed glass delivered to customers meets the requirements. Before shipment, we will confirm the quality and quantity of the product with the customer. We will confirm the consignee's information, including the shipping address, phone number, etc., to ensure that the delivery process is flawless.

Spring Glass has taken an important position in the industry. We stand out for strong capacity for manufacturing glass rocks. As one of Spring Glass's multiple product series, crushed glass series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The production processes of Spring Glass cullet are separated into different stages and each stage is treated by sophisticated techniques. For instance, its steel part is treated with high-temperature to achieve optimized oxidization effect. By using this high-aware product, one can enhance the brand's presence by expanding the range of potential customers.

By developing the spirit of crushed glass, our company does its utmost to improve the growth of the company. Call!
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