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What are the advantages of imported glass rock products?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
The production principle of glass rock: glass rock is made by crushing and sorting from high-quality broken glass. In manufacturing, the cullet must be melted into a spherical shape and then annealed to eliminate internal stress and prevent damage. The glass rock product will not have particles embedded in the workpiece, contaminate the workpiece or cause other damage when used. Using different size abrasives and different operating parameters, glass rock will achieve different gloss on the surface of the workpiece. The use of glass rock for selective local coverage controlled sandblasting on the surface of the workpiece can produce a special decorative effect. The excellent performance of glass rock will not damage the surface of the workpiece when cleaning or deburring the workpiece with strict requirements for deviation, which is very suitable for selection. The advantages of imported glass rock: 1. Uniform particles and a rounding rate of up to 98%; 2. The flexibility is just right, and the surface of the ball is not easy to damage the surface of the workpiece and the nozzle; 3. There is no bubble and no black spots in the ball, if the customer brings it Filling and decoration is the best choice; 4. The spray resistance is more than twice that of imported glass rock from Italy, and more than five times that of ordinary glass rock in China; 5. The surface brightness of the sprayed product is more transparent than Japanese glass rock And the price is more advantageous. Glass rock products manufacturers provide you with high-quality glass rock, high-quality glass rock knowledge.
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