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What are the characteristics of glass beads and how to use them

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
For people's normal work and life, many people hope to apply some scientific and technological achievements in more practical aspects through more efforts, so with the development of science and technology, some new materials can be developed and used by people. It has brought very big changes to people's normal life and work. Glass beads are used in many practical aspects, so people also have some interest in him, hoping to know what characteristics he has, and in which fields it can be used, and how to use it to achieve better The effect and purpose. This material itself has good reflective properties, so it is mainly used in traffic and other aspects, especially for night driving. It has a good reflective effect and can greatly reduce the probability of traffic accidents, so it is normal for people. Life has a great effect. In addition, the material is better in India, so it can be effectively used as the main raw material for artificial marble and other materials. Not only that, glass microspheres also have good thermal insulation properties, so they are also very helpful for the production of some thermal insulation materials. They can be added as the main raw materials, and they can also provide better insulation for the use of products. Good results.
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