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What are the characteristics of shot peened glass beads?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
What are the characteristics of shot peened glass beads? 2020-05-22 Are you very familiar with shot peening glass beads? This product is an indispensable important material in its road engineering. As a professional glass bead factory, let's introduce to you The characteristics of pill glass beads, let you have a better understanding of it. First of all, the uniformity of the glass beads is very good, the rounding rate is greater than 80%, and the particle size is very uniform. After spraying, the brightness coefficient of the sandblasting device is kept uniform, and it is not easy to leave watermarks. Shot peened glass beads is a kind of abrasive material that has the superiority of any other grinding material, and shot peened glass beads are products that are used for a longer time than any other medium except for metal abrasive materials. They have good chemical stability. It will not contaminate the processed metal and clean up very quickly. Shot peened glass beads are smooth and free of impurities, and the appearance is spherical granular products, free of impurities, smooth surface, and at the same time has a good finish, reaching the international and domestic standards.
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