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What are the chemical compositions of glass beads?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
What are the chemical compositions of glass beads? 2020-04-10 Through the recent return visits to customers, we found that although there are instructions, some people still don’t know the magnificent waves very well, and they have ignored some points that should be paid attention to, and they cannot give full play to the full performance of glass beads. Today the author will come to discuss with you again on the jacket of glass beads, hoping to help you. u200du200dThe chemical composition of glass beads is actually borosilicate, so there are several other ingredients. First: silica. u200du200dThe content of silica in glass beads reaches more than 67%. Second: calcium oxide. The application of calcium oxide in glass beads has reached more than 8%, in addition to magnesium oxide, and other related products. In addition, there is a very key component of iron trioxide. Many people think that it is impossible for iron oxide to appear in glass beads, but in fact, there is iron trioxide in glass beads. The percentage of iron trioxide is about 0.15. Because of the iron trioxide, the comprehensive hardness and various aspects of this product will be better. This is the type and comparison of this product. Features. The composition of colored glass beads contains various oxides, silica, magnesium oxide, etc., with high stability, and its own hardness is high, and it is not easy to destroy, so it has little pollution to the environment. And it is recyclable garbage, but it is It is granular and difficult to recycle. It is recommended to recycle it in a plastic bag. It is not advisable to discard the particles. The material of the colored glass beads is taken from natural minerals and is processed into glass beads. It comes from nature and is not harmful to the natural environment. There is no harm.
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