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What are the methods for sorting glass beads? Which equipment is used?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
The separation of glass beads by fly ash is a technology that is currently used at home and abroad. However, the methods supported by the technology are obviously different. However, there are only two methods, namely the common mechanical dry separation of microbeads. Beads and wet sorting microbeads, no matter which method, can achieve obvious results, but it should be selected according to specific conditions. 1: Gravity separation screen system equipment If mechanical dry method is selected, gravity separation screen system equipment is usually used. The main advantage of this equipment is that the amount of fly ash processed daily is extremely large, and it can be separated for iron and carbon. It is excellent, so this product is usually used when sorting glass beads, but this is only a function of the device. 2: Collector and ultra-fine beads Generally speaking, equipment similar to gravity separation sieve system, in addition to the basic sorter and separator, usually also used in the collector, through the three combined together as equipment to use The collector, as the name suggests, is to collect glass beads, but it is mainly for ultrafine beads that are difficult to collect by humans. As for the technology used, it is pulse bag technology. In general, sorting glass beads is not an easy task. If the equipment used is not good, the quality of the sorted beads will also have certain problems.
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