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What are the specific manufacturing techniques of glass rock?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
What are the specific manufacturing techniques of glass rock? The first step is to use the superb manufacturing process to produce various spherical wool cultures; the second step is to put the wool cultures into a grinding disc of the same size, add oil and coarse abrasives, and perform rough grinding; the third step is not completed once During coarse grinding, clean the oil and coarse abrasives sticking to the surface of the ball; the fourth step is to put the finished coarsely ground into the fine grinder, and add oil and fine abrasives for fine grinding; the fifth step is For polishing, the detailed polishing process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding. Glass rock has undergone great changes in the entire development process. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, the main form of glass rock was dragonfly eye glass. It was a common glass rock in all regions of Central and Western Asia and North Africa. Product varieties, each glass stone in the glass stone string is different in volume, size, and size. Only one of them is a green diamond shape, and the rest are almost all oblate spheres of the same shape with perforations in the middle.
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