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What are the types of colors of glass beads?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
What are the types of colors of glass beads? 2020-05-08 Through the recent customer survey and return visit, we found that many customers are not very clear about glass beads and hope that the manufacturer can further explain. Today, the author will share the relevant information that I have consulted with you, hoping to inspire and help you. The glass beads have various colors, smooth surface, round shape, and transparent body without impurities. Placed in the sun, it is very dazzling. And the rounding rate of the product is high, as high as 85%, and the bubble content in the glass beads is generally less than 10%. Its effect on organic materials can make the materials icing on the cake. When you buy glass beads, you will find that the colors of glass beads are actually very diverse, but our common ones are pure white. In addition, there will be some colored glass beads that are of course relatively rare. The common ones are still white because of this. This kind of product is compounded with chemical products, so it is more common to have white color.
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