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What is the purpose of glass sand manufacturer to share with you?

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-02
The main production and sales of abrasives (black corundum, black corundum powder, Hainan sand, YEDA brand black corundum, silicon carbide, white corundum, brown corundum, gem polishing powder, crystal polishing powder, steel shot, aluminum shot), abrasives and other specifications We act as the agent of various grades of bone glue for the emery, coarse sand and fine powder, and have won the unanimous trust of users with first-class management, first-class product quality and first-class service. Each product or raw material has its own use value. Glass sand has a certain use significance because it becomes glass sand. Taking Qingdao glass sand as an example, let me briefly explain the purpose of glass sand and the appearance of glass sand. It is small and irregular granular. Glass sand is divided into colored glass sand and transparent glass sand. Glass sand is mainly used for glass surface decoration, such as glasses, vases, lampshades, etc. There is also glass sand that forms an uneven three-dimensional surface after special processing, which can be called silica sand. Silica sand is sand containing silicon. Silica sand is mainly used to make glass products. Nowadays, glass sand not only has the purposes described above, but also appears on the stage of modern art as decoration. It is made of high-quality materials and has certain mechanical strength. The SiO2 content is greater than or equal to 68%, the hardness can reach 6-7 Mohs, and it has sufficient elasticity. It is not easy to be broken after repeated use. The sprayed devices have the same effect and the effect is obvious. It does not damage the surface of the object, and the service life is more than 3 times longer than ordinary glass rock., Good uniformity, rounding rate is greater than 80%, uniform particle size, and extremely low bubble content. After spraying, the brightness coefficient of the sandblasting device is maintained uniformly. It is not easy to leave a watermark. Glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks, Qingdao glass rocks, Qingdao craft glass rocks, Qingdao natural glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, Huizhou glass rocks, Zhongshan Glass Rock, Guangzhou Glass Rock Website:
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