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What you need to pay attention to when buying glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
Glass beads are versatile, light in weight and beautiful! It has won many favors for glass beads, but glass beads have a fatal shortcoming that they are not fire-resistant. Fire is fatal to glass beads. Therefore, the temperature should not be too high in places with glass beads. At this time, the purchase of glass beads Need to be very careful. 1: Qualification parameter requirements For this kind of industrial material, not all factories can produce it, so you must find the right manufacturer. The qualifications of the manufacturer must be clearly understood to prevent being deceived. There is also the need for manufacturers to provide detailed parameters of various glass beads, which is an important criterion for judging whether the factory is professional. 2: Direct purchase The so-called direct purchase is to directly trade with distributors without going through the dealers. Nowadays, there are many offline transaction channels and many dealers, but most of them require intermediate costs. It is not a small amount, direct transaction can greatly save costs, and you can also directly understand the characteristics of glass beads. 3: Knowing and knowing clearly refers to knowing what you want. We must have a detailed understanding of the paint needed to purchase, including various parameters and so on. This will have confidence in the negotiation process. The above are the precautions for buying glass beads, I hope to help everyone.
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