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When did glass rocks start to appear?

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-02
Glass rock first appeared in the Western Zhou Dynasty and became most popular in the Warring States period. However, when excavating the tombs of the Warring States period, it can be seen that some of the funerals almost contain glass rock. Its development and technical equipment are closely related. At that time, people mainly used clothes, skirts or strung together as decorations, which greatly promoted the production of glass rock; and during the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States period, glass rock had further development. It not only had many more shapes but also There are several more colors, and the color looks more gorgeous, and it was later regarded as a typical representative of the Warring States period. The production process of the glass rock is as follows: the glass rock manufacturer    1. Preform: Various spherical blanks are produced by various techniques. Process glass rock 2. Coarse grinding: Put the spherical blank into two concentric ring-shaped grinding discs of the same size and triangular grinding grooves that match the size of the blank, and add oil and coarse abrasives; upper grinding disc Rotate, the lower grinding disc does not move. The above ball grinding machine is called a coarse grinding machine. 3. Cleaning: After each rough grinding is completed, the oil and coarse abrasive residues sticking to the surface of the ball must be washed. Stained glass rock 4. Fine grinding: Put the rough grinding blank into the fine grinder; add low viscosity oil and Fine abrasive, grinding to standard size;    5. Polishing: The process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding. Natural glass rock   As for handicraft-grade crystal balls and high-precision top products, they need to be polished with silk and fur. Glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks, Qingdao glass rocks, Qingdao craft glass rocks, Qingdao natural glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, Huizhou glass rocks, Zhongshan Glass Rock, Guangzhou Glass Rock Website:
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