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Where can glass beads be used?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
Where can glass beads be used? 2020-04-24 Through investigation, it is found that many customers are very familiar with using glass beads, but once a problem occurs, they are at a loss and do not know what to do. It's like people who drive well don't necessarily repair cars. When I asked a repairer to fix the problem, I found that the problem is very simple. Many cases can be solved by myself. There is no need to find a professional to repair it. The customer is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Based on this situation, the author decided to summarize the solutions to some of the problems that everyone often encounters, and then share with you to help customers solve problems. Today we will introduce the solution to the problem of the stiffness of glass beads. Please read the following article. The safety of driving at night is very important. Because this material has good reflective properties, glass beads can be used as the main component of reflective film and other related materials, which has very good use effects and can also provide people with night travel Bring greater help and security. The rigidity of glass beads has been valued by many people. Because of its good performance, it can be used as the main additive of some special materials, which can effectively improve the rigidity and use effect of the product. For example, some glass fiber reinforced plastic bowling balls can also be used as some additives, and it may also effectively reduce the weight of the product. While having the thermal insulation effect, it can also be used as a thermal insulation material.
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